EcoMobile-Fleet in production I OBJAVLJENO 23.12.2021.

EcoMobile-Fleet in production

EcoMobile-Fleet in production

EcoMobile-Fleet, a completely new fleet management system from EcoMobile d.o.o., has started operating. which brings a number of new functionalities with the most modern solutions on the market.


After two and a half years of development of the application solution, 10.12.2021. version 1.0 was introduced to existing and new customers.


The most modern solution on the market:

• application made on the latest technologies

We used the latest technologies to get an interactive and functional application

• User friendly user interface

It provides the end user with a complete application experience

• use the application on a mobile phone

Extremely easy to use and with all the functions as on a computer for all users who want to get information in an instant

• faster development at the request of the user

Our engineers and developers in a very short period of time work on further development of the application in accordance with the requirements of our users

• unique analysis and interpretation of data through reports (reports for: drivers, vehicles, costs and many others)

Adequate information base for users is necessary for business planning and management. Thanks to a large number of functionalities and information obtained from the report, fleet management is greatly facilitated

• Best rating on the market

The final assessments were made jointly, taking into account all the arguments and feedback from our users as well as in a short market research

The application itself has four different functional packages:

• BASIC package (standard fleet management package)

• ADVANCE-CAN package (upgrade to BASIC package by connecting to CAN line + accompanying functionalities and reports)

• ADVANCE-FUEL package (upgrade to BASIC package with fuel probe + accompanying functionalities and reports)

• ADVANCE-SPEED package (upgrade to BASIC package with speeding alarm included according to the legal restriction on the road)

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