Certification of Eco Mobile's products I OBJAVLJENO 24.04.2019.

Certification of Eco Mobile's products

Certification of Eco Mobile's products


„Certification of Eco mobile's products, project code: KK.

Short project description
The purpose of the project is the certification of products, in order to increase the competitiveness by intensified business development through certification of products, in the framework of the execution of the grant for projects financed from European structural and investment funds on the basis of calls for submission of applications "With certification to market", project code KK.

The certification covers 10 products (Smart Waste sensor LoRa, Smart Waste sensor NB-IoT, Smart Waste sensor Tilt, Smart Waste sensor GPS, Handheld reader, Waste Access Control, Inclination sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, Mobile electronic weighing system) and 5 components of one product – Bin identification system (Master RPI, ButtonBox, LED box, RFID2CAN, SplitterBox)

Goals and expected results of the project
Through this project, Eco mobile has certified ten products and five components proving their quality, safety and reliability for existing and new markets. Certification will contribute to achieving long and short goals like providing easier access to new markets (USA, Romania, Germany) which directly affects the increase in export income and will also strengthen the company's  leading position in innovation, research and development keeping it ahead of the competition.

Also, this project will lead to increase in company's sales revenues and  employment  of six new employees. All this will impact on the competitiveness of the company.

Total project value and the amount financed by EU
The total project value is set to 1.042.197,50 HRK and the grants awarded amount to 703.254,30 HRK.

Project implementation Period:
From 01. May 2018. to  01. May 2019.

Contact person:
Aleksandar Ivanović, CEO
Mobile:  +385 (1) 555-6636

Structural funds: www.strukturnifondovi.hr
Public procurement: https://strukturnifondovi.hr/nabave-lista/certifikacija-proizvoda-eco-mobile-a/