EcoMobile Cloud

EcoMobile Cloud unifies the hardware infrastructure (servers) and software – internet-oriented program application. EcoMobile Cloud is based on SaaS principle (“Software as a Service”) that does not require any investments regarding the computers and software, but software is rented instead.

  • EcoMobile application - waste collection vehicles tracking
  • EcoMobile application - electronic identification for containers
  • EcoMobile application - vehicle tracking

Availability and security

The application and the data can be accessed at any time, from any computer connected to the internet, if you login using your username and password. The data is always available, but it is completely safe because all the servers are located at Hrvatski Telekom’s data centre in Croatia. They are maintained in accordance with the highest security standards.

Real-time data updates

All data collected through the EcoMobile vehicle equipment, EcoMobile Access Control systems and SmartWaste container sensors is wirelessly transferred and immediately available for viewing and administering.

Ease of use

Intuitive user interface ensures easy navigation and simplicity of use.

Data syncing with existing billing software

The system uses previously defined settings and dynamics to seamlessly align data with the database of the existing billing software (ERP).

Waste collection data review and administration

All data regarding carried out waste emptying with container owner information, timestamps and potential irregularities (emptying the containers without RFID transponders, irregularities in waste disposal, etc.) and data transmissions from the EcoMobile upgrade components are available through screen views or detailed charts (screen, Excel, PDF…).

Container fill level data review and administration

Data obtained through the EcoMobile SmartWaste sensors on the containers is shown through screen views and includes container information (type, capacity, waste type), its location shown on the map and its fill level (in percent).

Automatic route planning

Based on pre-defined limit values for fill levels, the system automatically includes the containers that require emptying and creates the shortest possible route for their emptying.

Satellite tracking of vehicle movement

Satellite tracking enables precise information regarding the current status and movement of waste management vehicles, as well as detailed info regarding all past routes with listed speed and stops on the map through screen views or in chart reports. Aside from the listed data, depending on the type of built-in GPS/GPRS devices and extra equipment, the following info may also be available: fuel level (listed current values for the fuel levels, overall and average consumption) and drive type (RPM, % of gas pedal presses, engine temperature, total fuel consumption).

Creating reports

Creating chart reports that include detailed data according to given parameters for a particular time interval is very simple. Each report can be exported to Microsoft Excel (XLS) or PDF format.