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Data availability and security

The data and the application can be accessed at any time and from any computer with Internet connection, after authorisation with username and pasword. The data is safe as all the servers are collocated in Croatian Telekom's data centar where they are maintained according to highest security standards.

Data display in
real time

All of the data recorded by EcoMobile bin identification systems on the vehicles, handheld readers and SmartWaste sensors are wirellesly transferred in real time and are immediately available for display and administration.

Easy to use

Intuitive graphic user interface enables easy navigation and simplicty of use.

Data synchronisation
with billing software

EcoMobile cloud, using pre-defined parameters and dynamics automatically synchronizes data with clients billing software or ERP database.


Waste collection data display and administration

All of the recorded bin emptying data that includes time stamp and bin owner's information, reported irregulaties (bins without transponders, overfilled bins, etc.) is available for display through graphic interfaces or detailed tabular reports that can be exported in Excell or PDF format.

Waste container fill level data display and administration
za otpad

The data received from the SmartWaste sensors mounted on the waste containers are displayed through various graphic interfaces. The data includes information about each container (type, capacity and purpose) its location on the map, temperature and fill level percentage.

Automatic route planning

Based on pre-defined fill level end values, the system automatically lists the containers that require emptying and creates the shortest possible collection route.

Satellite tracking of waste collection vehicles

Satellite tracking provides accurate real time information on the vehicle's current location, engine status and speed. Other functionalities include tracking history (graphic route reconstruction on the map), CAN bus data tracking for driver behaviour monitoring and fuel consumption tracking, fuel monitoring using LLS (Liquid Level Sensor) probes in the fuel tanks.


The application enables creating of numerous reports that include detailed information according to set parameters and specific time interval. Every report can be exported to Excel (XLS) or PDF format.