Smart Waste

Smart Waste is a special fill level sensor for waste bins/containers. It can be used with all types of containers, regardless of their capacity and waste type. The fill level data is submitted to the server wirelessly (GPRS) and it is immediately available via the EcoMobile application.

EcoMobile SmartWaste-fill level sensor for waste bins/containers

Cost reduction

By combining the container fill data with waste management vehicle status and location data, the system automatically generates optimal waste collection routes which reduces the number of visits and significantly contributes to a cost reduction in transport and work hours.

Work autonomy

Integrated battery ensures sensor work autonomy for up to 5 years.

Resistance and adjustability

SmartWaste sensor is made to withstand all weather and working conditions. The sensor is extremely adjustable and can be used with any type of waste collection vehicles.

Container fill level tracking

The sensor uses its integrated GPRS module to wirelessly transfer fill level data to the server. The data is shown and administered through the EcoMobile Cloud application.

Route optmization

By combining the container fill data and start/end locations with waste management vehicle status and location data, the system automatically creates optimal waste collection routes.

Smart planning

Through continuous use, SmartWaste tracks recorded fill levels in time and their average fill time. Through constant data analysis and by using special algorithms, the system is able to autonomously predict the time frames for reaching end fill level values for all containers, taking into account all available parameters (container type, waste type, distance) to determine the type and number of vehicles required to cover the area.

Automatic alerts

The system automatically sends SMS or e-mail notifications in line with pre-defined fill values.