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Significant cost reduction

The use of Smart Waste system enables direct cost reduction of up to 40% in fuel and overall waste collection logistics.

Easy to deploy

Smart Waste sensor can be installed in all types of containers regardless of their type, capacity or purpose.

Operational autonomy

The sensor's integrated battery ensures operational autonomy up to 10 years.


The Smart Waste sensor is designed to operate in all weather and working conditions and is resistant to mechanical stress and impacts that occur during the emptying of the container.


EcoMobile SmartWaste sensor

EcoMobile Smart Waste is a specially designed ultrasonic sensor for measuring fill level of waste bins/containers regardless of their type, capacity or purpose. The fill level data is submitted to the server wirelessly (GPRS) and it is immediately available via the EcoMobile cloud application.


EcoMobile Navigator

Android based mobile application intented for installement on tablets or smartphones used by the waste collection truck drivers. It enables recieving and display of work orders, collection routes, navigation and communication with the dispatcher.


Cloud application

By combining the recorded fill level measurements from the sensors with data gathered by GPS tracking of waste collection vehicles, the system automatically generates optimal collection routes providing up to 50% in direct cost savings in waste logistics. Through constant data analysis and by using special algorithms, the system is able to autonomously predict the time frames for reaching end fill level values for all containers, taking into account all available parameters (container type, waste type, location) to determine the type and number of vehicles required to cover the area.



Fill level measuring

The device measures the fill level in a container in specific time intervals that can be configured using the software application.

Temperature measuring

During each fill level measuring, the device also measures the current temperature inside a container and sends it to the server with fill level measuring data.


Integrated GPS module enables accurate geolocation of each reading.

Container position monitoring

The device continuously monitors the position (angle) of the container and can instantly detect any significant change.

2G/3G wireless data transfer

The data transfer module can be in 2G or 3G verisys.


The integrated WiFi module provides a reduced cost of data transfer and a cheaper price for the device.


As a partner of Croatian Telecom, EcoMobile has successfully integrated the new NBiOT data transfer technology at the beginning of 2017.

Automatic alerting

The system can automatically send SMS or E-mail alerts in case of container overfilling, sudden temperature changes (fire) and movement (if a container has been moved out of the assigned area or tipped over).

Automatic collection route planning

The system can automatically send SMS or E-mail alerts in case of container overfilling, sudden temperature changes (fire) and movement (if a container has been moved out of the assigned area or tipped over).

Fleet optimization

When creating an optimal collection route, the system also calculates the number of trucks needed, taking into account their type and capacity.

Sending and processing of work orders

The software application enables the user to send work orders with the list of locations for collection and optimal route to the drivers.

Communication with the drivers

The software application enables sending of text messages to EcoMobile navigator devices installed in the trucks for communication with the drivers while they are on the collection run.

Interactive route changing

If the vehicle is full or insufficiently filled, the driver can interactively request to change the route. The system automatically searches for the nearest container on the way to the destination according to the capacity remaining in the truck and sends the modified route to the driver. Also, if the driver indicates that the vehicle is full and can not collect by default the non-exhausted contingent system puts new routes that are sent back to the Eco Mobile Navigator.