• EcoMobile

    Electronic identification system for waste collection vehicles

    electronic identification system for waste collection vehicles
  • Smart Waste

    Container fill level tracking sensor

    container fill level tracking sensor
  • EcoMobile handheld terminal

    Handheld RFID and barcode reader

    handheld reader
  • Ease of use

    The system is fully automated: no additional actions by the workers are required and it does not affect the usual work processes.

    Provability of carried out tasks

    The data about waste bin emptying is submitted to the server after the sensors confirm that the bin was loaded and the lifter was in the emptying position.

    Durability and adaptability

    Each system component is made to withstand all weather and working conditions. The components are extremely adjustable and can be used with any type of waste collection vehicles.

  • Significant cost reductions

    Smart Waste sensors enable direct savings (up to 40%) in fuel and overall waste collection logistics. 

    Ease of use

    The system operates autonomously. It supervises, predicts and creates the container emptying plan in accordance with their fill levels.

    Universal use

    Smart Waste sensor can be used with waste containers of any type, capacity or intended waste materials.

  • Resistant and waterproof

    The reader is made to withstand all weather and working conditions – it is waterproof and impact resistant.

    Ease of use

    The reader is simple to use: the keyboard contains quick choice buttons and intuitive user interface is in Croatian.

    Modularity and adjustability

    The reader configuration is modular and can be adjusted to specific requests and buyer demands. Advanced reader versions come with an integrated GPS module for geolocation of waste containers, as well as a GPRS module for wireless data transfer in real time.

Ecomobile is fully developed and produced in Croatia. Ecomobile is the final product of years of work by top Croatian experts. Each component, including the application, is made in accordance with the highest product quality and IT security standards.