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The readers rugged housing enables the reader to operate in all weather and working conditions – it is waterproof and impact resistant.

Ease of use

The reader's simplified keyboard with function keys for quick selection and intuitive multi-language operating software make it easy and simple to use.

Modular design

The hardware configuration is modular and can be adjusted to meet specific requests and applications. Advanced reader versions include different antenna configurations (for ferrit coil and air loop type transponders) integrated GPS module for geo-location of each reading, GPRS module for wireless data transfer in real time.

High operational autonomy

Integrated high-capacity, fast chargeable Li-ion battery and optimized electronics enable continuous use for up to 15 hours and 300 hours in a stand-by mode.


RFID transponder reading

The reader's standard integrated RFID antenna enables reading of 134,2 HDX tags. The reader supports both air loop and glass pill (ferit) coil types of transponders

Barcode reading

Integrated barcode module enables reading of all types of 1D (linear) barcodes.

RFID and barcode value joining

Available in standard configuration, this software functionality enables electronic joining of RFID and barcode value, meaning it enables electronic joining of unique ID code of the transponder with the code of waste bin.

GPRS data transfer

The reader's integrated GPRS module enables wireless data transfer in real time.

ISM data transmission

The reader also has an integrated RF Module (ISM 433 MHz) for wireless communication with the EcoMobile system on the vehicle, which can send real-time data within 200 meters of the vehicle without the need for a SIM card.


The reader's integrated GPS module enables accurate geolocation of each reading. Apart from the date and time of a reading, the cloud application will also display the exact location where the reading occured on the map.

Lock option

The reader can be locked in a certain mode of operation so that only one functionality can be used.