EcoMobile handheld reader

EcoMobile handheld terminal is intended solely for use in waste management. Aside from the installed app that links the RFID tags to barcode values, additional options are supported, such as wireless communication with the EcoMobile identification system installed in waste management vehicles, EcoMobile Waste Access Control container upgrade, GPRS and GPS.

EcoMobile ručni čitač

Durable design

The reader is intended for use in all weather and work conditions – it is waterproof, shock proof and drop proof.

Ease of use

The reader is easy to use: the simplified keyboard with function keys and intuitive multi-language user interface allow for quick and simple use.


The hardware configuration is modular and can be adjusted to specific requests and customer demands. Advanced reader versions include an integrated GPS module for geo-location of waste containers, as well as a GPRS module for wireless data transfer in real time.

Exceptional work autonomy

Integrated high-capacity Li-ion battery and optimized components enable continuous use for up to 15 hours and up to 300 hours in stand-by mode.

RFID tag reading

The reader comes with an integrated RFID antenna that reads the 134,2 kHz HDX RFID transponder which supports transponder readings with air loop and glass pill coils.

Barcode scanning

Integrated barcode modules enable barcode scanning. All standard 1D barcode protocols are supported.

Linking rfid and barcode values

The installed application enables linking RFID transponder values to barcode values. This function enables linking electronic transponder codes to container identification numbers.

Wireless data transfer

Integrated GPRS module enables wireless data transfer regarding readings and/or links in the cloud application in real time. The reader also comes with an integrated RF module (ISM 433 MHz) for wireless communication with the EcoMobile system added to the vehicle and Waste Access Control container upgrades.

Reading geolocation

The integrated GPS module enables precise geo-positioning for each reading. After the reading, the application shows the timestamps and precise locations for every reading.